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White man's religion?
Is Drinking allowed?
Jesus' relationship
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Jesus' Virgin birth
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Worshipping Creation?
Meat Eating?
Jesus in Kashmir?

Answering Hinduism

In search of truth

This site will answer many unanswered questions of ages. All these years we have heard that all paths lead to heaven but do we know the real facts about this theory? We heard that God is one but the ways are many is it true? We heard that moksha (salvation) can be achieved by cycles of rebirth and reincarnation. Let's make straight our facts.

What we know about the eternity and life after death? What we know about God and the creator of the universe? What we know about true God who is the real creator of us all? What we know about salvation and how to find it. What we know about the qualities of Hindu gods? This site will help you out to find some answeres of serious questions of life.



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