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Why Jesus is God? Part III

5. Jesus is Mediator
6. Jesus is the prince of peace
7. Jesus is Savior

5. Jesus is Mediator:
So far we have seen many great and godly characteristics of Jesus Christ. Jesus showed all the godly and supernatural qualities which by itself proves beyond doubt that Jesus is God. Today we are going to see the qualities of Jesus as Mediator. Bible says that Jesus came down in this world as Mediator between man and God. He came down to reconcile the fallen and sinful man with God. Let's see why Jesus is the one and only perfect Mediator.

a. Jesus came from God:
John 8:42, "Jesus said to them, "If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me." John 6:57, "As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me."

The Bible clearly says that when God was creating the universe Jesus (word) was with Him. Gen 1:26, "Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;..." John 1:14, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." Jesus was from the beginning when the universe was created.

God is the creator and owner of this universe. He had the ownership over human souls till sin entered this world. When Adam and Eve sinned and fell from glory sin entered in this world. As soon as the first humans committed sin, the ownership automatically transferred to the hands of Satan. Satan tricked them and made them to sin and he took the charge of human soul. The Bible says, God commanded them not to eat the fruit of the particular tree and He warned them saying, the day you eat of it you will surely die. Gen 2:16 - 17, " And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die." When they ate the fruit of forbidden tree did they die? Yes they died spiritually though they did not die physically at that time. Thus death and sorrow entered the world.

When the human soul died spiritually and God's ownership transferred to the hands of Satan, God was left with two choices. 1. Do nothing and to see the whole human race ending up in hell fire. Because now satan became the legal owner so that he had the full right to take the human soul to hell with him. 2. Pay the full price for human soul and redeem them back to life. To take back the lost ownership God needed to shed spotless and holy blood and for this blood sacrifice God needed to send His only son Jesus to die on the cross. What God had done? He decided to go with this plan and redeem the fallen humans from the snare of satan. That was the greatest love of all. Jesus came down in this world and shed His precious blood to save the lost humanity. He took the sins of yours and mine and became the perfect substitute. The punishment, which you and I needed to take , Jesus took it on Him self and paid the penalty on behalf of us. Thus He became the perfect Mediator for the whole humanity.

1 Tim 2:3 -6, "For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time,"

I remember one story. There was one hunter who catches lots of birds by spreading his net.. He then cages those birds and brings them to market place to sell them. While he was sitting and selling them a person observes the sale, pities for the fate of the caged birds and thinks how to rescue them and free them. He asks the hunter how much he needed to pay for those birds. He realizes that he needed a huge amount to buy those birds. Anyway as he wanted to see them free and happy he pays the full amount and takes the ownership of those birds. As soon as he receives the ownership he opens all the cages and frees the birds. With amazement the hunter looks at him and asks what's the matter? You paid this huge amount and how come you freed them so quickly? He smiles and says, I paid the amount to just see them free and happy. Yes that's what exactly God did. He saw our pathetic condition and He saw how satan had taken ownership and caged us in the miry clay of sin. God could not see His own creation perishing in hell fire. That's why He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to pay the full price and free us from the cage of sin, torment and shame. Jesus did exactly the same, He shed His precious blood and bought the whole human race with His precious blood. He paid the full amount to transfer the lost ownership. Thus with His blood He defeated satan and took back the ownership by dying on the cross.

There is a beautiful song, which says:
Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

Now the question is, 'how do I become part of this great redemption plan? How could I become a child of God?

Jesus paid the full price and it is a free gift but it comes with one condition i.e. your willingness. In the Old Testament we find that Moses gave instruction to the Israelites to apply the blood of the Passover lamb on the door posts and lintel. Exo 12:23 "For the LORD will pass through to strike the Egyptians; and when He sees the blood on the lintel and on the two doorposts, the LORD will pass over the door and not allow the destroyer to come into your houses to strike you." The Bible says that those who put the blood of the lamb on their door, they escaped death. The Passover lamb represents the lamb of God (Jesus). Blood of the lamb represents Jesus' blood. Jesus shed His blood to redeem us, to take the ownership of our life but the condition is that those who apply the blood of Jesus on their heart's door will see life. Those who reject the blood of the lamb will not see freedom and life.

When one applies the precious blood of Jesus on heart's door two things happen. 1. As soon as the blood is applied, the ownership of satan over your life lifts up and the ownership transfers to the secure hands of Jesus. Isn't it wonderful? Jesus becomes the owner of your life. 2. As soon as Jesus becomes the owner He puts the seal of the Holy Spirit upon you and He writes your name in the lamb's book of life. Thus Jesus declares in heaven before His angels, God the father and the Holy Spirit, 'this person is mine and satan no longer has any authority over this life.

Eph 1:13 -14, "In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory."

Rev 3:5 "He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.
Rev 20:15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

Jesus is the perfect Mediator who can redeem you from the hands of satan and sin. Hundreds of religion and founders of religions are there, but when you look into their lives you will see that they can't become a perfect mediator. Why? Because no one has holiness as Jesus has, no one has godly qualities as Jesus has, no one is all knowing, no one ever died and transferred the ownership from the hands of satan and, no one has holy blood to shed and bring redemption for human soul.

Are you looking for redemption of your soul? Are you willing to receive the free gift of salvation? Are you willing to put your life in the secure hands of Jesus? If yes please pray this prayer with sincere heart.

Lord Jesus I believe that you are the son of God. I believe that you died for me and became my substitute. I believe that you paid the full price for my sin. The punishment, which I deserve, you took it upon you and died on behalf of me. Lord please forgive and forget my sins. Wash me in your precious blood. Cleanse my life with your precious blood. Come into my heart. I apply your precious blood on my heart's door today itself. Lord please become my Lord and Savior. I repent of my sins. I accept you today as my Lord and Savior. I pray in Jesus precious name. Amen



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