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Every soul is pure?

Accoding to Bhagvad Gita --- Every soul is pure as it is part and parcel of GOD?


That is not correct. If somebody thinks that killers, rapists, liars, cheaters, drinkers, sexually immorals etc. are pure people then something is wrong with them. We have not come out of God but God has created us. If you are a part of God then you can't show sinful behaviour. A mango tree can't produce carrot or pepper. The same thing is here a holy God can't produce sinful and filthy people.

If this theory has to be true then there should be many reasons.

1. According to this theory God is sinful that's why what came out of him is sinful.
But according to the Bible God is holy that's why humans are not god nor can they ever become god.

2. According to this theory human must be ALL-KNOWING but human has no knowledge what is happening in next door house so if they came out from God then god is not all knowing or he is too feeble like humans.

According to the Bible God is all knowing but humans are not so it proves that God is different than humans and they are not a part of God.

3. God is holy and humans are not that cleary shows that both can't be the same.

4. God is all powerful but humans are not that also proves that huamans are no where near to god to call or think themselves equal to God.

If you think that creator of TV creates TV that's why the creator is also TV. That does not make any sense. The same thing is here. God is the creator and he has created us but it does not mean that He has created more gods. Common sense says a human can't become God because he/she have no godly qualities. Well hindus believe that they are all gods because the qualities of their gods match with them. But God of the Bible is so holy that you and I can't ever think or call ourselves god because it is totally impossible.

Let me explain it in another way. If human is a part and parcel of God then human must show the same quality out of which he/she came out. Humans are showing very sinful behaviour so it means according to the above said theories God must be sinful? Humans are sinful so God must be sinful then only human can become the part of God. But this theory is not correct because in real life the real God, creator (Jesus) is holy.

If origin is holy then the rest of the things must be holy but practically we don't see it in this world. Since every man and woman on this planet is sinful so the said theory fails rightaway. The conclusion is there must be two options and one option is true and other is not because both can't be true.

#1. God is Holy + Part of him = must be holy (i.e. humans)
#2. God is Sinful + Part of him = must be sinful (human)

Well, we know clearly that humans are sinful and unholy but real God (Jesus) is holy so according to #1 we are not part and parcel of God. It is totally impossible. Read more >>>

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