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Did Jesus learn from Buddha?

Question: Did Jesus take training from Goutam Buddha?


Jesus did not take training from Buddha.

Jesus' life was entirely different than Goutam Buddha. Buddha's life itself explains that Buddha did not have any godly qualities.
Jesus did many miracles but don't see any miracles in Buddha's life.
Jesus is all knowing but Buddha was not.
Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life." Jesus has all power over death and life but Goutam Buddha did not know what happens after death and where soul goes. That's why he sat under the ashok tree and tried to figure out but could not till the end.

Jesus is God He is all knowing. He is one who created universe and everything then why he go and take training from a person who was looking for answers and is not all knowing? Buddha himself was searching for answers then he is not God.

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