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Krishna broke Dharma

From the Mahabharata, translated by C Rajagopalachari. Chapter XC, page 381-382, the 44th edition, 2004 states:

O Arjuna, said Krishna , there is none that can defeat this Drona, fighting according to the strict rules of war. We cannot cope with him unless dharma is discarded. We have no other way open. There is one thing that will desist him from fighting. If he hears Aswatthama is dead .


Krishna was trying to win the battle through deceit and cheat. He wanted to win the battle anyway so he was ready to discard dharma. It means for victory he was ready to compromise with sin and unjustice. He won the battle unjustly that clears it very well that he is not god. Because you can't call somebody God when he cheats and decieves. The second thing is clear that Krishna was not all powerful. So he was not God.

What is the concept of Dharma? Did he break Dharma? Yes, it looks he did break Dharma time and again. So if he breaks Dharma is Dharmik or Aadharmik? is he doing dharma or adharma?

A sinful person can't be God becasue if somebody claims to be god he must be holy and he must show high moral values.



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