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Answering Hinduism

Is Christianity white man's religion?

One of the main reasons for the First War of Independence of 1857 was to defend dien the religion against the alien Christianity which was being rammed down on the Hindus by the white man. Christianity is the religion of the westerners, advocated and spread by them and all the churches in India and all evangelical efforts are financed by the west.

It is a false theory. All the (westerners) whites are not christians as all the Indians are not Hindus.

Only those who follow Jesus and His teachings only they are called christians others are not. Bible clearly speaks against looting, killing, sexual immorality, telling lies, drunkerdness, adultery, stealing ect. and the list goes on. If a person is following Bible he/she would stay away from sin and will try their level best to live in holiness.

This misunderstood question was raised by Hindus time and again. The reason is they thought that all the whites are Christians or followers of Jesus. But it is not true. Why? In India you'll find religious and athiest people, hindus and muslims, sikh and jains, christians and budhists. The same way in western countries you will find people of various culture, backgrounds and religion.

First of all Jesus was a Jew and He was not a white man. So christianity is not the religion of white man. If you think all the westerners are Christians then you are dead wrong.

Second thing God does not discriminate anybody. For Him all the humans are same because He created them. God of Bible (Jesus) does not see white or black in a different way becasue He is not the God of partiality.

Rom 2:11 For there is no partiality with God.

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