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Do Hindus eat meat?

Question: Do Hindus eat meat?


Yes Hindus do eat meat may be in different form. They think that they are vegetarians but in real they are not.

Curd/Yogurt: They eat curd (yogurt) which is not a vegetarian food because when you look it through microscope you can see lots of worms.

Milk:They drink milk. Milk is also not a vegitarian food since it comes from animal.

Eggs: Technically egg is not vegetarian either as it is an animal product. If you eat eggs then you are not vegetarian since it has life and you can see blood vessels etc.

Cheese/Gelatin: Animal-derived rennet (enzymes), found in some cheeses, and gelatins.

Cheese is yet another product of milk fermentation that requires factors in addition to the traditional production of lactic acid. The coagulation of casein due to lactic acid production and the subsequent drop in pH and the addition of rennet, an enzyme derived from the lining of the stomachs of calves, form the curd of cheese Without rennet, a soft cheese such as cottage cheese or cream cheese would result.

The amazing and surprising thing is Hindu gods didn't know that Curd, Milk, Chese, Egg etc are NON-VEGETARIAN Stuff.

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