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Jesus is All Knowing

Bible gives us hundreds of such references which clearly states that Jesus is "All Knowing". He knew every thing before it came to an existence. He knew what was in the mind of a person, what the person was thinking about Him. He knew when He is going to die and what death He is going to die. He knew who is going to betray Him. He knew who were trying to kill Him. The whole life of people were as an open book before Him. He knew the deepest secret of every human being who lived in this planet. All these qualities confirms that He is God. Jesus exhibited all the godly qualities which we don't see in anybody else. That's why the claims of Jesus as one and only God is true. That's why Jesus claimed, "He is the way, He is the truth and He is the life.

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Jesus rightly said it that He is the only way to heaven. No one else can give us a place in heaven because no one else has godly qualities and no one else was all knowing or all powerful that's why they are not God.

Here is the Bible references which shows the "All knowing" qualities of Jesus. Here the Bible verses given in both English and Hindi languages.

Jesus knew that after death He is going to resurrect on the third day:

;qgUuk 2% 19 ;h'kq us mu dks mÙkj fn;k( fd bl efUnj dks <k nks] vkSj eSa mls rhu fnu esa [kM+k dj nwaxkA

John 2:19, "Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."

Jesus knew who is going to betray Him

John 13:11, "For he knew who should betray him; therefore said he, Ye are not all clean."

;qgUuk 13% 11 og rks vius idM+okusokys dks tkurk Fkk blh fy;s ml us dgk] rqe lc ds lc 'kq) ughaAA

Mark 14:18, "And as they sat and did eat, Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, One of you which eateth with me shall betray me."

ejdql 14% 18 vkSj tc os cSBs Hkkstu dj jgs Fks] rks ;h'kq us dgk( eSa rqe ls lp dgrk gwa] fd rqe esa ls ,d] tks esjs lkFk Hkkstu dj jgk gS] eq>s idM+ok,xkA

Luke 22:48 But Jesus said to him, "Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?"

ywdk 22% 48 ;h'kq us ml ls dgk] gs ;gwnk] D;k rw pwek ysdj euq"; ds iq=k dks idM+okrk gS\

Jesus knew that He has come into this world for a short period of time

Mark 14:7, "For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

ejdql 14% 7 daxky rqEgkjs lkFk lnk jgrs gSa% vkSj rqe tc pkgks rc mu ls HkykbZ dj ldrs gks( ij eSa rqEgkjs lkFk lnk u jgwaxkA

Jesus knew the things of the future:

Mark 14:13 And He sent out two of His disciples and said to them, "Go into the city, and a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him.

Mark 14:14, "And wheresoever he shall go in, say ye to the goodman of the house, The Master saith, Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the passover with my disciples?"

Mark 14:15, "And he will shew you a large upper room furnished and prepared: there make ready for us."

Mark 14:16, "And his disciples went forth, and came into the city, and found as he had said unto them: and they made ready the Passover

ejdql 14% 13 ml us vius psyksa esa ls nks dks ;g dgdj Hkstk] fd uxj esa tkvks] vkSj ,d euq"; ty dk ?kM+k mBk,] gq, rqEgsa feysxk] mlds ihNs gks ysukA

ejdql 14% 14 vkSj og ftl ?kj esa tk, ml ?kj ds Lokeh ls dguk( xq: dgrk gS] fd esjh ikgqu'kkyk ftl esa eSa vius psyksa ds lkFk Qlg [kkÅa dgka gS\

ejdql 14% 15 og rqEgsa ,d lth ltkbZ] vkSj rS;kj dh gqbZ cM+h vVkjh fn[kk nsxk] ogka gekjs fy;s rS;kjh djksA

ejdql 14% 16 lks psys fudydj uxj esa vk;s vkSj tSlk ml us mu ls dgk Fkk] oSlk gh ik;k] vkSj Qlg rS;kj fd;kAA

Jesus knew about His resurrection beforehand:

ejdql 14% 28 ijUrq eSa vius th mBus ds ckn rqe ls ifgys xyhy dks tkÅaxkA

Mark 14:28, "But after that I am risen, I will go before you into Galilee."

Jesus knew what is coming in next moment and next minute :

Mark 14:42, "Rise up, let us go; lo, he that betrayeth me is at hand."

Mark 14:43, "And immediately, while he yet spake, cometh Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and the scribes and the elders."

ejdql 14% 42 mBks] pysa% ns[kks] esjk idM+okusokyk fudV vk igqapk gSAA

ejdql 14% 43 og ;g dg gh jgk Fkk] fd ;gwnk tks ckjgksa esa ls Fkk] vius lkFk egk;ktdksa vkSj 'kkfL=k;ksa vkSj iqjfu;ksa dh vksj ls ,d cM+h HkhM+ ryokjsa vkSj ykfB;ka fy, gq, rqjUr vk igqaphA

Jesus knew the motives and hearts of people:

John 6:26, Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.

;qgUuk 6% 26 ;h'kq us mUgsa mÙkj fn;k] fd eSa rqe ls lp lp dgrk gwa] rqe eq>s blfy;s ugha <wa<+rs gks fd rqe us vpfEHkr dke ns[ks] ijUrq blfy;s fd rqe jksfV;ka [kkdj r`Ir gq,A

Jesus is from the beginning when the earth was formed:

John 8:56 "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad."
John 8:57 Then the Jews said to Him, "You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?"
John 8:58 Jesus said to them, "Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM."

;qgUuk 8% 56 rqEgkjk firk bczkghe esjk fnu ns[kus dh vk'kk ls cgqr exu Fkk( vkSj ml us ns[kk] vkSj vkuUn fd;kA
;qgUuk 8% 57 ;gwfn;ksa us ml ls dgk] vc rd rw ipkl o"kZ dk ugha( fQj Hkh rw us bczkghe dks ns[kk gS\
;qgUuk 8% 58 ;h'kq us mu ls dgk( eSa rqe ls lp lp dgrk gwa( fd ifgys blds fd bczkghe mRiUu gqvk eSa gwaA

Jesus knew that He has power over life and death becasue He is the creator

John 11:11, "These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep."

John 11:14, " Then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead.

;qgUuk 11% 11 ml us ;s ckrsa dgha] vkSj bl ds ckn mu ls dgus yxk] fd gekjk fe=k yktj lks x;k gS] ijUrq eSa mls txkus tkrk gwaA

;qgUuk 11% 14 rc ;h'kq us mu ls lkQ dg fn;k] fd yktj ej x;k gSA

Jesus knew about His death:

John 12:32, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."
John 12:33, "This he said, signifying what death he should die."

;qgUuk 12% 32 vkSj eSa ;fn i`Foh ij ls Åaps ij p<+k;k tkÅaxk] rks lc dks vius ikl [khpawxkA
;qgUuk 12% 33 ,slk dgdj ml us ;g izxV dj fn;k] fd og dSlh e`R;q ls ejsxkA

Jesus knew one of His own desciples is going to betray Him:

;qgUuk 13% 21 ;s ckrsa dgdj ;h'kq vkRek esa O;kdqy gqvk vkSj ;g xokgh nh] fd eSa rqe ls lp lp dgrk gwa] fd rqe esa ls ,d eq>s idM+ok,xkA

John 13:21, "When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me."

;qgUuk 13% 25 rc ml us mlh rjg ;h'kq dh Nkrh dh vksj >qd dj iwNk] gs izHkq] og dkSu gS\ ;h'kq us mÙkj fn;k] ftls eSa ;g jksVh dk VqdM+k Mqcksdj nwaxk] ogh gSA

John 13: 25 He then lying on Jesus' breast saith unto him, Lord, who is it?

;qgUuk 13% 26 vkSj ml us VqdM+k Mqcksdj 'kekSu ds iq=k ;gwnk bLdfj;ksrh dks fn;kA

John 13: 26, Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.

Jesus knew that Peter (one of His desciples) will deny Him:

;qgUuk 13% 38 ;h'kq us mÙkj fn;k] D;k rw esjs fy;s viuk izk.k nsxk\ eSa rq> ls lp lp dgrk gwa fd eqxZ ckax u nsxk tc rd rw rhu ckj esjk bUdkj u dj ysxkA

John 13:38, Jesus answered him, Wilt thou lay down thy life for my sake? Verily, verily, I say unto thee, The cock shall not crow, till thou hast denied me thrice.

Jesus knew His desciples will run away due to fear:

;qgUuk 16% 32 ns[kks] og ?kM+h vkrh gS oju vk igqaph fd rqe lc frÙkj fcÙkj gksdj viuk viuk ekxZ yksxs] vkSj eq>s vdsyk NksM+ nksxs] rkSHkh eSa vdsyk ugha D;ksafd firk esjs lkFk gSA

John 16: 32 Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me

Jesus is All Knowing:

;qgUuk 18% 4 rc ;h'kq mu lc ckrksa dks tks ml ij vkusokyh Fkha] tkudj fudyk] vkSj mu ls dgus yxk] fdls <wa<+rs

John 18: 4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?

;qgUuk 18% 32 ;g blfy;s gqvk] fd ;h'kq dh og ckr iwjh gks tks ml us ;g irk nsrs gq, dgh Fkh] fd mldk ejuk dSlk gksxkAA

John 18: 32 That the saying of Jesus might be fulfilled, which he spake, signifying what death he should die.

There are many more such references are given in the Bible which proves beyond doubt that Jesus is God since He knew everything and nothing was hidden from Him.

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