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Why Krishna is not God?

Is teasing Gopies, a childish pranks of Krishna?
Was Krishna naughty and mischievous?
Was Krishna's bad behavior deeper wisdom of hindutwa?


Why Krishna is not God. Krishna had several qualities which proves beyond doubt that Krishna can't be God because he does not show any godly qualities. Here are several undeniable truths about Krishna.

1. Krishna was sinful
2. Krishna was stealing butter
3. Krishna broke Dharman to win his battle
4. Krishna was a womanizer
5. Krishna was not all knowing
6. Krishna was not All powerful
7. Krishna was not holy
8. Krishna told lies

Krishna as god naughty and mischievous? That does not make any sense. And knowingly sinning is not a child's play. Krishna was not a child when he went after 1600 gopies (women). In this modern time such a person would be called playboy. The advanced society of our times does not allow such mischevious behavior so how is it possible for a person who claims himself to be god to do such worst things and still be called god?



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