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Krishna's delution

Krishna said: The patriarchs, Çiva and others are created by me, though they do not know that they are created by me because they are deluded by my illusory energy.”


If you look the meaning in dictionary then it says Deluded means to mislead the mind or judgment of; deceive. His behavior is the clear indication of his deceptive practice. You can't trust a person if he is going to deceive for his selfish gain and for his own victory.

It is quite surprising that krishna was misleading/decieving people. The Hindu scriptures describes about many other qualities of krishna as well that he was stealing butter, telling lies, going after women (gopies) and so on.

When you see a person as god and then when you find out such bad behaviors it really disappoints. It is very disappointing that god should be a roll model in every aspect including character and teachings but here we do not see the godly good qualities in Krishna where we can regard him as God.

Make sure that you may not be decieved by his tricks. You might be thinking that you are inching toward heaven by worshipping Krishna as God but you don't know if you are also being decieved and one day you might loose heaven because you are also in delusion thinking that he is god where he does not exhibit any godly qualities.



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